Sust 750-1000, DHB 500, Mast E 500.

Test mast dhb

. wegovy fasting redditOct 24, 2020 · Currently running test p /mast P dhb all at 350mg per week. matlab legend icons

#5. Jan 21, 2021 · I am currently on cycle for a contest consisting of 200mg test e, 600mg dhb, 300 mg tren ace. I can always bring the dose down a bit. yourmuscleshop.

I’m running it now, started at 500 DHB 200 test 200 mast and will be adding 100 tren e.

Considering this is cycle 4 I was thinking to myself earlier I hope I wasn't going crazy on the dosing.


So may be even worse if I drop test and increase mast for the duration of DHB.


You do have the right idea bro.

200 test c Injected Monday/Friday. I can’t speak for other sources PIP but @Synergy-Forge is PIP free. Test e Rotexmedica (German pharma) 500mg Mast e Triumph labs 100mg ed DHB Rx Labs 62. Feb 28, 2022 · class=" fc-falcon">So I just started my 12 week summer cut all GC products.

230-240 test U. 400 test and 300 mast is really nice for me. Start the Test E and MastE 2 weeks earlier than the NPP to give the longer esters a chance to start working fully.

Just started this.
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TBH I don’t even mess with 19-Nors or Wet stuff in general. That causes thst pain thst STARTs day 2 after injection and swells like a.

. Mar 7, 2019 · DHB is 200:100 ratio.

Possible dbol.

Mileage may vary, I can definitely hit 275lb sub 15% bf on that cycle though. 8 weeks into my cycle of NPP/ Masteron/ Test.

I inject 300mg M/W/F which is 100 test, 100 masteron and 100DHB.


Dec 7, 2016 · Dec 8, 2016#9.

Try to find a place that is pretty cool. to YOUR ONE STOP BODYBUILDING SHOP VISIT US : WWW. Currently at 10% , so don't have much too go. 100mg of DHB is probably worth 4-500mg of Eq, primo, mast in that regard.

1-14 500 mg/wk 1-test cyp. Joined Nov 8, 2014 Messages 13,573 Reaction score 4,672. IE no dbol, deca, Anadrol, etc etc. In fact with the trest I literally had no negative mental effects.


Dec 23, 2018 · Just finished a couple weeks ago. Some people recommend running DHB at 200mg/w but I think that’s too low. Bit concerned about my e2 dropping low though, not sure why mast kills it so much in me.

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Dec 5, 2021 · DHB / Mast combo with test has been one of my favorite cycles if it weren’t for that shit crashing at room temp and the hit or miss pip.

. . . 400-500 mgs each primo DHB mast test.