Illinois labor and storage lien act

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. . . Storage fees; notice to lienholder of record.



- 770 ILCS 45, Section 1 Every person, firm or public who has expensed labor, skill or materials upon any chattel, either has furnished storage for said chattel, at the.

Section 770 ILCS 45/1.

The owner of a self-service storage facility and his heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns have a lien upon all personal property located at a self-service storage facility for rent, labor, or other charges, present or future, in relation to the personal property, and for expenses necessary for its.


by Papaliir Ue. Section 770 ILCS 45/1. 1. 770 ILCS 60/ - Mechanics Lien Act.

86-1324. act related to the employment or function of any public officer, public employee, juror or witness, he or she promises or tenders to that person any property or personal advantage which he or she is not authorized by law to accept; or. Such lien shall cease at the expiration of 60 days from the date of.

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. The Labor and Storage Lien Act is amended by : 5:.

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Section 770 ILCS 50/1.

Section 770 ILCS 45/1. 803) Sec.

(770 ILCS 45/1) (from Ch.


40) 7 Sec.

93-51) 770 ILCS 40/ - Innkeepers Lien Act. Illinois Compiled Statute 770 ILCS 45 Labor and Storage Rights Act. (b. Act 45 - LABOR AND STORAGE LIEN ACT.

Search Within. Lien. Liens Against Railroads Act;. Section 770 ILCS 45/7.

Section 770 ILCS 45/1.

Illinois Legislation; Liens;. <strong>Act 45 - LABOR AND STORAGE LIEN ACT. .