4 Steps to Live a Better Life Using Wheel of Life.

How to use the wheel of life

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Determine your categories. 51K views 5 years ago. . Draw a dot between the center of the circle and the outer circle to represent the amount you feel fulfilled in that area, with the center representing 0% and the outer edge representing 100%.

The Tough Journey From Controller To Wheel.

Consider each area like a spoke of a wheel: When one of the spokes is shorter than the others, it can throw the whole thing off balance.

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The main focus of Wheels of Life is an in-depth examination of each chakra.


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Brainstorm Life Areas. . Start. This template comes in four different designs and lets you assess the quality of your experience in the several categories, including: Extended family and/or relatives.

Next ask them to review their wheel and identify their Top 3 priorities. . The Wheel of Life (sometimes called a life wheel) is a circular diagram made up of seven key areas of your life.

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Your Wheel of Life categories should be: Holistic – Giving a full 360-perspective of all areas of life;. .

Dec 4, 2022 · How To Use The Wheel Of Life Tool. This rating will serve as an indicator of how satisfied.


Then, get them to score their satisfaction out of 10 for all the areas. 14 hours ago · Netflix sent out an email to all subscribers in the U.

You’ll find many different variations on the Wheel of Life.

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Go through the categories listed and give each score between 1 and 10.

May 11, 2011 · Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life. . . .

Using a wheel can make action planning a more enjoyable task. . l You can also help your client see how balanced their life is and motivate them to create a fulfilling life. class=" fc-falcon">Step 3: Pave the Way Forward.


Consider each area like a spoke of a wheel: When one of the spokes is shorter than the others, it can throw the whole thing off balance. . Most of us can focus heavily in one or a few areas.

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The first time I used the Wheel of Life as a client, I was presented with two different wheels.

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Mar 3, 2020 · For those of you unfamiliar with the Wheel of Life assessment tool aka Level 10 Life Wheel, it’s a simple way of writing down and assessing the critical areas of your life that you’d like to focus on.

. " SweetGeorgia | Hand-Dyed Yarns on Instagram: "Are you having fun playing with colour in our ‘Round the Colour Wheel make-along?. To obtain a helpful wheel of life assessment, it is useful to follow the steps below: Step 1. The Wheel of Life is a useful coaching tool that is used to examine how balanced we are across different spheres or roles in life.