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Filipino bad words and meaning

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Top 10 Ilocano (philippines) Swear Words. . 50 Beautiful Filipino Words and Their Meanings. Epal /e -pal/ is the adjective of Pumapapel (verb) from the root word Papel /-pa-pel / (Filipino word for Paper) - which is believed to be derived from the material used in reading/writing of a character s role in a play or movie.



buwisit na tao noun.

Here is a list of common Filipino slang words that can make a tourist sound like a local in the Philippines: “Bro” or “Brod” – a casual term used to address a close friend.


Basic Filipino Words and Meanings.

Also sometimes spelled as Panggalatok according to strict Tagalog orthography. Meaning. Lodi – to praise someone who’s done something impressive. .

. This is a humorous term for the Pangasinense, the language and people of Pangasinan province. .

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Urdu Words With Meaning. Utong.

. Apir.

Mutya (n.

Apir. Werpa.



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. Naur. Phrases and daily expressions have a very important role in Filipino. .

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In Ilocano: String beans (sitaw) | In Tagalog.

But Batanguenos are. . Below we have useful Tagalog swear words which are narrated in English language to help you curse the ones you hate: Word.